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Don Resetti is a mole who works in the Reset Surveillance Center with his brother Sonny. He's more relaxed than his brother.

Birthday: May 1st (Taurus).


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  • "You seem like the type who's got it pretty together, but just in case you ever think about resettin', don't. Trust me on this: you'd rather I be the one to give you this lecture than my brother. There. All done. Now be free and don't reset."
  • "I think Sonny and I finally figured out a nice balance between work life and home life. The biggest change is, I don't let Sonny leave a meal if someone else decides to reset somewhere. Course that just means he eats three times as fast so he's ready for action. But baby steps."
  • "The indoors are much more my style. I'm the opposite of those... what're they called... Right! Claustrophobics! I have no phobia of claustro at all. None. Hey, I'm a mole. If I can't handle a little, tiny space, then what kind o' mole am I?"
  • "What do you think of this room? Sonny's always arguing about it. If I say I like it, he says he hates it. If I say I hate it, he says it's the best room ever. That's a little brother for ya."
  • "You ever wonder why Sonny's so passionate about resettin'? I think there's a lot of reasons, but ultimately it comes from a good place. A place of common sense. Life just ain't the sort of thing that gives you a do-over, and second chances don't grow on trees. You've got to savor the here and now. That's probably what he'd tell you, but with more yelling."
  • "For a mole, I gotta admit I'm not much for yards and ground and dirt and stuff like that. I ain't prissy or anything. I'm just more comfortable indoors where there ain't dirt. Is that so wrong?"
  • "I'll tell ya, one of the best parts about having an in-home brother is that you get to share chores. I'm not a fan of doing gardening or landscapin' or stuff, but Sonny seems to love it. I think it's where he finds his zen or something."


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