Doc Card
I want a kid-friendly room where I can display my collection of picture books.

Client's vision

A fun place for books.

Provided items

kiddie bookcase, pop-up book

Amiibo Card


Doc is a lazy blue rabbit wearing glasses.

Birthday: March 16th (Pisces).

"One cannot live on carrots alone."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • kiddie wall


  • kiddie bed
  • kiddie table
  • kiddie chair
  • kiddie couch
  • kiddie bureau
  • kiddie wardrobe
  • kiddie dresser
  • kiddie bookcase
  • kiddie stereo
  • kiddie clock
  • dollhouse
  • mini circuit
  • train set
  • bottled ship
  • pop-up book
  • ringtoss
  • board game
  • Ten Billion Barrel
  • Doc's pic
  • kiddie wall clock
  • kiddie rug


  • To the Edge


  • kiddie tee
  • vertigo tee
  • star tee
  • star tank dress
  • overall dress

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