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Client's vision

I'll leave it up to you!

Provided items


Amiibo Card

009, 213

Isabelle's twin brother, Digby, works at the Happy Home Showcase in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and at Nook's Homes in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. When he needs a quick break, he'll head down to the Roost for a cup of coffee (Blue Mountain, black, no sugar). He's fairly oblivious to the fact that his co-worker Lottie is enamored with him.

Birthday: December 20th (Sagittarius).

"Two-bedroom, two-bath home for rent! Inquire within!"


  • Digby's pic


  • K.K. March


  • yellow raincoat
  • yellow umbrella


  • "You ever feel you work so much that life is passing you by? I get that all the time. Yikes. I think I should take a vacation."
  • "I absolutely love living here in town. It makes things so simple in retrospect. My last job had me living in an entirely different city than where I worked. The commute was insane. No more of that, though, thankfully!"
  • "I'm still so amazed with this room every time I walk into it. Quite a step up from our first home. When we were pups, Isabelle and I lived in a little cardboard box. Ah, treasured memories... I never want to go back to those days. Heh heh heh!"
  • "You know, a lot of folks assume my sister is a silly puppy, and I'll admit they're sometimes right... But she's also very, VERY smart. Did you know she has the highest IQ of all animals tested in town? I don't know how it's possible, but she has engineering degrees from 19 different universities. And she says she did it for fun! Can you imagine?"
  • "I try to keep this place as neat and tidy as possible, but when my sister visits, that can be tricky. She's not overly messy, of course, but I AM overly cleanly. Sometimes the two don't mix. Though on rainy days we both end up tracking mud on the carpet. So we have that in common!"
  • "Enjoying the yard? Don't tell my sister, but sometimes when she's not around... I, uh... I like to dig holes and bury her hair bands. Heh. I know, I'm such a rebel! If she can get away with eating my shoes, why can't I bury her things once in a while?"
  • "Are you admiring the yard as much as I am? It's really quite nice. I like to sprawl out here once in a while and just sort of watch the clouds go by. Very relaxing. Sometimes I daydream about the clouds watching me, and I wonder what they must think..."


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