The Department Store is unlocked by Isabelle in the third round of designing town facilities, along with a School expansion, a second Shop, an Office building, and a Restaurant.

Main RoomsEdit


  • counter x1

Sales FloorEdit

  • cash register x1

Dining AreaEdit

  • cash register x1
  • table x2
  • chair x4

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • arched wall
  • fancy tile wall
  • fancy tile floor
  • circle-pattern floor


  • reception table
  • massage recliner
  • museum chair
  • jewelry case
  • perfume bottles
  • ring
  • desk mirror
  • handbag
  • moth orchid
  • fancy display stand
  • display stand
  • fancy display case
  • sample case
  • flat display case
  • tall display case
  • poster stand
  • arrow sign
  • floor light
  • coin locker
  • thermohygrometer
  • park clock
  • tea vase
  • red vase
  • blue vase
  • balloon lamp
  • round electric sign
  • posh display rug 1
  • posh display rug 2
  • posh display rug 3


  • store uniform

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