Daisy Card
I want to live in the kind of house that Santa would visit.

Client's vision

A magnet for Santa.

Provided items

big festive tree, holiday candle

Amiibo Card


Daisy is a normal white dog. The tips of her ears are light blue.

Birthday: November 16th (Scorpio).

"It's not always a dog-eat-dog world."


  • Jingle roof
  • Jingle exterior
  • Jingle door
  • decorated tree

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • Jingle wall
  • red carpet floor


  • gift pile
  • stuffed stocking
  • turkey
  • sleigh
  • holiday candle
  • big festive tree
  • Jingle bed
  • Jingle chair
  • Jingle dresser
  • Jingle sofa
  • Jingle wardrobe
  • Jingle piano
  • Daisy's pic
  • festive wreath
  • holiday stocking
  • Jingle clock
  • Jingle rug


  • Stale Cupcakes


  • Santa coat
  • kiddie tee
  • argyle knit shirt
  • festive-tree dress
  • festive dress
  • Santa pants
  • Santa hat
  • Santa beard
  • red nose
  • Santa boots

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