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Copper is a brown and white dog who works as a policeman. He takes his job very seriously and has a professional demeanor. This contrasts strongly with his partner, Booker.

Birthday: June 28th (Cancer).


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  • "Since you're here, perhaps I could enlist you to help me with my daily crime fighting. Currently, I'm trying to track down a burglar who snuck into my home and ate my sandwich while I slept. To make matters worse, he left crumbs all over my bedsheets, so when I woke up... crumbs. And he smeared mustard on my face! This criminal is crafty. We may never bring him to justice."
  • "I need you to promise me you'll never break the law. I'd hate to be forced to write you up. If I found you engaging in the unfortunate act of lawbreaking, I'm afraid my paws would be tied. Even if I was in prison and I asked you to break me out, I'd still write you up. No exceptions, [character name]."
  • "In my many years on the force, I've learned exactly one thing: crime never sleeps. Except when it stays awake too long and gets sleepy. Then it sleeps. But usually, crime does not sleep. That's why we must stay vigilant, citizen!"
  • "As you can see, I have a very particular way I prefer to keep my things organized. There are many laws in town that folks forget to uphold, and one is regarding personal organization. Also, it is apparently illegal to eat pudding on Tuesdays. Why pudding and why Tuesdays? No one knows."
  • "You should consider my home my base of command when I'm not at my post. I still remain ever vigilant for any flagrant rule breaking that occurs, even if I'm the offender. I am not above the law. I may be Copper at home, but I am an officer of the law everywhere!"
  • "It's important to groom your yard as regularly as you groom your face or your hair. Sometimes I do both at once, though I don't suggest shaving and mowing at the same time."
  • "If I listed the most important things in life, it would go something like this: Number one: justice. Number two: vigilance. Number three: the law. Number four: vigilance to the law. And lastly: justice again. I take justice very seriously, even and especially on my birthday."
  • "Many citizens forget that daily exercise and fresh air are necessary for healthy lives. In my earlier days in the academy, I too forgot this simple fact, and so I was nearly doomed to suffer. If not for my commanding officer screaming at me daily, I wouldn't have turned my life around!"

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