Cookie Card
I simply MUST live in a lovely room—the kind that's fit for a princess!

Client's vision

A room fit for a princess.

Provided items

princess cage, princess bed

Amiibo Card


Cookie is a pink and white dog.

Birthday: June 18th (Gemini).

"Don't lose sight of what you're really after."

Wallpaper and Flooring Edit

  • princess wall
  • white wood floor

Furniture Edit

  • princess bed
  • princess table
  • princess chair
  • princess sofa
  • princess closet
  • princess chest
  • princess curio
  • princess dresser
  • princess lamp
  • perfume bottles
  • princess cage
  • pink tulips
  • fancy tea set
  • Cookie's pic
  • princess clock

Music Edit

  • K.K. Aria
  • DJ K.K.

Clothing Edit

  • blue tartan tee
  • silk-bloom tee
  • dreamy tee
  • princess dress
  • dreamy tank dress
  • silk-bloom dress
  • ribbon dress
  • classic dress
  • tiara hair
  • flashy hair pin
  • ballroom mask
  • white stockings