This is all of the furniture items that would be found in stores, offices, hospitals, etc. It's found under the 2nd tab (looks like a house) and then the 3rd sub-tab (again, looks like a house).

Note that any items marked as "Japan only" were only released in Japan. It is possible to get them outside of Japan if someone who has the items puts them onto an amiibo card and you scan the amiibo card with your game.

Image Name Custom Holds items Mountable Unlocked by
dessert case×××Cafe, First Shop, Hugh, Merengue, Bettina
flower display case××First Shop, Aurora
Hot-snack case
hot-snack case××Filly
salad bar×××Restaurant, Big Top, Lyman, Hugh
ice-cream display×××Cafe, Carmen, Mint
Shop ice-cream case
shop ice-cream case×××Filly (Japan only)
Milk case
milk case×××First Shop, Flip, Joey
Ice-cream case
ice-cream case×××First Shop, Phoebe, Puck, Mint, Joey
soda fountain×××Cafe, Tammi, Hugh, Pate, Paula
store shelf××First Shop
drink machine××Hospital, First Shop, Annabelle, Renée, Broffina, Flip
soda case×××Cafe, First Shop, Violet, Flip, Peewee
snack machine×××First Shop, Broffina
water cooler×××Office, Agent S, Bella, Tammi, Sydney, Peewee, Drift, Rooney, Rhonda
slushie machine×××First Shop, Tammi, Zucker
buffet server××Filly
soft-drink display×××Filly (Japan only)
steamed-bun case××Filly
Shop coffee machine
shop coffee machine××Filly
sandwich display×××Filly (Japan only)
barbecue bed×××Filly
Sushi bench
sushi bench×××Filly
24-hour-shop ABD×××Filly (Japan only)
24-hour-shop sign×××Filly (Japan only)
24-hour-shop model××Filly (Japan only)
ABD×××First Shop, Rasher, Gala, Phyllis
Shopping baskets
shopping baskets×××Filly (Japan only)
shopping cart×××First Shop
conveyor-belt sushi××Restaurant, Octavian, Hugh
tong-and-tray stand×××Drake, Hugh
cash tray×Cafe, Office, Bangle
modern cash register××Cafe, Department Store, First Shop, Elmer
red cash register×Cafe, First Shop
24-hour-shop counter×××Filly
Cash register
cash register××Second Shop, Restaurant, Department Store, Annalise, Violet, Marshal
bussing station××Cafe, Frita, Mint
metal box×××Restaurant, Croque
kitchen dishwasher×××Restaurant, Freya
kitchen stove××Restaurant, Freya
kitchen refrigerator×××Restaurant, Big Top, Freya
minifridge××Hospital, Blaire
kitchen counter××Restaurant, Violet, Freya
propane tanks×××Restaurant, T-Bone
zen barrel××Rizzo, Ava, Cally
desk bell××Restaurant, Lolly
merchandise table×First Shop
casual display stand×First Shop, Elmer
wood display stand×First Shop, Wart Jr, Elmer
basic display stand×First Shop, Elmer
fancy display stand×Department Store, Maelle, Samson, Elise
display stand×Department Store, Curt, Frobert, Naomi, Elise
fancy display case×Department Store, Alice
sample case×Department Store, Elmer, Elise
glass display case×Department Store, Curt, Frobert, Naomi
flat display case××Department Store, Curt, Naomi
tall display case××Department Store, Curt, Naomi
poster stand××Department Store, Naomi
exhibit partition××Office, Naomi
museum model××Frank, Blathers
rope partition×××Cherry, Agnes, Monique, Baabara, Naomi
chain divider×××Shep, Naomi
arrow sign××Department Store, Naomi
24-hour-shop banner
24-hour-shop banner×××Filly (Japan only)
Barbers pole
barber's pole×××Second Shop, Prince, Gruff
menu chalkboard××Cafe, First Shop, Marshal, Kitty, Claudia
small LED display××First Shop, Roald
outdoor sign××Claudia, Croque
neon sign×××First Shop, Fuchsia, Bill, Mint
flashy-flower sign×××Music Hall, Jambette, Aurora, Ed, Shari, Bettina, Felicity, Lionel
changing room××Second Shop, Cherry, Buck, Jambette, Margie,
salon mirror stand×××Second Shop, Midge, Jambette, Gruff
beauty-salon cart××Second Shop, Midge
game-show stand××Truffles
lectern with mic××Truffles
TV camera×××Truffles, Rodney, Eugene
video camera×××Bubbles, Rodney
standing spotlight×××Music Hall, Lopez, Merry, Rodney, Bubbles, Truffles, Eugene
floor light××Department Store, Baabara, Cherry, Leonardo, Gabi
coin locker×××Department Store, Broffina
Office locker
office locker×××School, Rasher, Rosie, Deena
locker stack××Hospital, Bam, Bruce, Rooney
Shoe locker
shoe locker×××Joey, Bam
bathroom stall×××Lionel
Candy machine
candy machine×××First Shop, Fuchsia
capsule-toy machine××Dizzy, Sheldon
colorful wheel×××Tank, Pietro, Truffles
bingo wheel××Tank
Pinball machine
pinball machine×××First Shop, Lopez, Fuchsia, Chief
dartboard×××First Shop, Lopez, Fuchsia, Roscoe
Mahjong table
mahjong table×××Bruce
Billiard table
billiard table×××Lopez, Fuchsia
Arcade machine
arcade machine×××First Shop, Sheldon
Tabletop game
tabletop game××First Shop, Sheldon
crane game×××First Shop
Disk Writer Claude
Nintendo 3DS station Claude
Nintendo 3DS shelf Claude
Wii u station
Wii U station Claude
Wii U game shelf Claude
amiibo shelf Claude
rolling file cart×××Office, Graham, Sydney, Mott
office cabinet××Hospital, Office, Graham
rolling cart×××Graham, Mott
file cabinet (M)××Office, Graham
file cabinet (L)×××Office, Axel, Molly, Graham, Mott
Aluminum briefcase
aluminum briefcase××Gala, Rasher, Jacques, Chevre
money box×Cafe, First Shop, Gala
safe×××Office, Pudge, Rasher, Gala, Chevre
document stack×Hospital, Hazel, Gala, Velma
plastic file box××Hospital, Office, Hazel
whiteboard××Office, Agent S, Velma, Rosie, Lolly, Mott
office phone××Office, Graham, Sydney, Whitney
public telephone××Hospital, First Shop, Office, Sydney
time clock××Office
drafting table××default
typewriter××Office, Molly, Mott
copy machine××Office, Hazel, Molly, Graham
computer desk×××Office, Molly, Graham, Cobb, Curly, Mott
server×××Office, Graham, Sydney, Cobb, Curly
umbrella stand×××Hospital, Office
partition screen×××Office
plant partition××Axel, Goldie, Sydney, Chevre
glass screen××Cafe
retro screen×××Joey, Gaston, Broffina, Flip, Greta
accordion screen×××Hospital, Axel, Joey
Hospital screen
hospital screen×××Hospital, Tabby, Ozzie, Gaston
reception window××Hospital, Drift
medicine××Hospital, Drift, Tabby
medicine cabinet×××Hospital, Restaurant, Drift
Medicine chest
medicine chest××Hospital, Peewee, Cobb
first-aid kit××Hospital, Agent S, Drift, Lucky
IV drip
IV drip×××Hospital, Tabby, Gaston
drinking fountain×××Office, Tammi
washbasin×××Hospital, Tabby, Ozzie, Gaston
dentist's chair×××Hospital, Axel, Gaston
EKG machine×××Hospital, Gaston
doctor's desk×××Hospital, Ricky, Gaston
operating-room cart×××Hospital, Tabby, Gaston
compass××School, Boomer
kitchen scale××Bluebear
oil lamp××School
Florence flask
florence flask××Biff, Axel, Cobb, Velma
thermohygrometer××Department Store, Naomi, Mott
telescope×××School, Timbra, Ruby
star globe××School, Timbra, Diana, Celeste
Lab bench
lab bench×××Biff, Cobb, Cube
Lab chair
lab chair×××Biff, Cobb, Cube
Amazing machine
amazing machine×××Biff, Cobb, Cube
Unknown machine
unknown machine×××Biff, Cobb, Cube
Complex machine
complex machine××Biff, Cobb, Cube
Clear model
clear model×××School, Genji
skeleton×××School, Ricky, Genji, Drift, Tabby
Anatomical model
anatomical model×××School, Genji
laboratory capsule×××Biff, Cobb
jail bars×××Gala, Rasher, Miranda, Chevre
star projector×××Timbra, Celeste
conveyor belt××Rodeo, Cube
chalkboard××School, Velma, Mott, Skye
Right platform
right platform×××School, Velma
Left platform
left platform×××School, Velma
desktop mic××School Remodel, Boomer, Teddy, Truffles, Felicity
podium××School, Velma, Felicity
platform×××School Remodel, Teddy, Roald
mop×××School, Puck
extinguisher×××School Remodel, Mott
zen backpack×School
homework set××School, Goldie, Derwin
school locker××School
Vision tester
vision tester×××Hospital, Ozzie, Gaston
Trunk measure
trunk measure×××Hospital, Ozzie, Gaston
stadiometer×××Hospital, ドラクエ, Gaston
scale×××Hospital, Ricky, Tom, Miranda, Gaston, Joey

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