I want to live in a tropical paradise—inside and out!

Client's vision

A tropical resort

Provided items

beach table, cabana armchair

Amiibo Card


Cole is a lazy black rabbit.

Birthday: August 10th (Leo).

"Little pitchers have big ears."

Wallpaper/Flooring Edit

  • wood deck rug
  • cabana wall
  • cabana flooring


  • cabana armchair
  • beach table
  • scallop shell
  • sea-snail shell
  • oyster shell
  • Cole's pic
  • cabana bed
  • cabana table
  • cabana chair
  • cabana wardrobe
  • cabana dresser
  • cabana bookcase
  • cabana vanity
  • cabana lamp
  • cabana screen
  • sanshin
  • cabana wall radio


  • Aloha K.K.


  • blue aloha tee
  • pink wet suit
  • red wet suit
  • muumuu
  • rainbow plaid shorts
  • brown plaid shorts
  • grass skirt
  • diver's hood
  • diving mask
  • flip-flops
  • ghost umbrella
  • hibiscus hairpin
  • tropical sandals

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