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This buck-toothed beaver just loves fishing and hosts fishing tournaments regularly. Chip's favorite part of fishing is getting to eat what he caught!

Birthday: December 9th (Sagittarius).


Wallpaper & FlooringEdit





  • "Have ya ever been to an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant? What's the point? Where's the challenge? Where's the passion? Where's the gravy?!"
  • "I like my house and all, but I can't stay indoors for long. Too many fish to fish! It's just not the same when you try fishing in the bathtub."
  • "The more I think about it, the more I wonder if fish really like being cooped up in little bowls. Kind of makes a fisher want to help them... onto a plate! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!"
  • "I once had a dream where I was a fish, swimming around all by myself in a great big lake. Then I saw a hook and bit down. It was a mistake! I was reeled in and found that my fisher was... myself! Boy, I sure made a gravy-tasting fish, all right."
  • "It's sort of nice to have a place all to myself. During one fishing-trip-gone-wrong, I found myself lodged with three other fishers at the same time. Turns out we'd all made the mistake of trying to catch the same whale, and, well, I guess it caught US!"
  • "Have you ever heard a fish whistle? I've got a rule that if I ever catch a whistling fish, I'll send it back. So far I have sent back exactly... zero fish. Good thing they can't whistle! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!"
  • "Have ya ever tried planting a fish in your garden? Well, let me tell ya, it sounds like a brilliant idea... but sadly, fish don't grow on trees."
  • "It's good to get out once in a while. I mean, fish aren't gonna just knock at your door, are they? Ooh, don't know if I'd be delighted or horrified if that happened. Hmm. That's one to ponder a bit."
  • "Ya smell that? Yup, that's the great outdoors. Land of endless fish! Hmm... Come to think of it, I should get to fishing already if I want a good meal tomorrow morning... Nothing beats fresh breakfast! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!"

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