I'd like a stylish home where I can host a fashion show…

Client's vision

A catwalk.

Provided items

changing room, floor light, hanger rack

Amiibo Card


Cherry is an uchi red dog with black spots and pierced ears.

Birthday: May 11th (Taurus).

"One dog barks at something; the rest bark at him."

Exterior Edit

  • pink roses

Wallpaper & Flooring Edit

  • basic wall
  • fancy tile floor

Furniture Edit

  • regal vanity
  • DJ's turntable
  • simple panel
  • stack of clothes
  • hanger rack
  • pink roses
  • rope partition
  • changing room
  • floor light
  • Cherry's pic
  • small spotlight
  • stage-floor rug

Music Edit

  • K.K. House

Clothing Edit

  • spiderweb tee
  • straw boater
  • boater
  • funky wig
  • heart shades
  • elegant umbrella