I want a fun, juicy room where I can make delectable fruit smoothies!

Client's vision

A fruity room for juicing.

Provided items

fruit basket, milk carton, mixer

Amiibo Card


Cheri is a peppy red bear cub.

Birthday: March 17th (Pisces).

"Good things come in small packages."


  • lychee tree

Furniture Edit

  • mixer
  • milk carton
  • twelve grape plate
  • fruit basket
  • yellow umbrella
  • Cheri's pic

Music Edit

  • K.K. Salsa

Wallpaper & Flooring Edit

  • flower pop rug

Clothing Edit

  • Tropical tee
  • sunflower tee
  • pop bloom tee
  • loud bloom tee
  • pop bloom dress
  • loud bloom dress

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