Client's vision

A garden for kids to play in.

Provided items

elephant slide, stroller, baby bed

Amiibo Card

No information

A normal orange kangaroo. Carrie is the first client to want a new house. Other clients thus far have only wanted remodeling done on the home they had already. The default exterior items at this point are given at the bottom.

Birthday: December 5th.

"A mother's work is never done."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • playroom wall
  • pink wood floor


  • stroller
  • baby bed
  • clothesline pole
  • ironing set
  • potty
  • yellow tulips
  • red pansies
  • red carnations
  • white lilies
  • purple violets
  • flower bed
  • swinging bench
  • elephant slide
  • sandbox
  • tulip topiary
  • clackercart
  • rocking horse
  • water bird
  • Carrie's pic
  • picnic blanket
  • pavement rug
  • playroom rug


  • K.K. Lullaby


  • bunny tee
  • bear tee
  • elephant tee
  • frog tee
  • Toad tee
  • candy umbrella

Exterior Edit

Roofs Edit

  • roof (comes in red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, light-blue, purple, and pea-green)
  • tiled roof (comes in green, brown, white, black, teal, purple, navy, and dark-red)
  • straw roof (also in yellow, red, brown, teal, green, and black) and grass roof
  • metal roof (also in gray, brown, white, blue, purple, navy, and green)
  • shingle roof (comes in purple, blue, navy, black, teal, orange, red, and brown)
  • shanty roof (comes in gray, white, brown, red, yellow, blue, purple, and navy)
  • concrete roof (also in black, white, purple, navy, maroon, brown, and red)
  • stone roof (also in purple, navy, green, maroon, brown, red, white, and uneven)
  • overlap roof (comes in green, blue, red, yellow, white, purple, teal, and maroon) and fairy-tale roof
  • board roof (comes in red, brown, yellow, orange)
  • brick roof (comes in gray and red)
  • modern wood roof
  • kiddie roof (also in green and pastel)
  • astro roof
  • sweets roof
  • elegant roof
  • lovely roof

Exteriors Edit

  • brick exterior (also in white and brown)
  • white exterior and brown wood exterior
  • yellow exterior
  • red-barn exterior and pink-barn exterior
  • black exterior
  • cabin exterior (also in white)
  • cobblestone exterior
  • chalet exterior (also in blue)
  • blue exterior, pink exterior, aquamarine exterior, and orange exterior
  • brick exterior (comes in red and gray)
  • shanty exterior (also in rust and gray)
  • cabana exterior (also in gold)
  • stone exterior
  • concrete exterior
  • simple exterior
  • astro exterior
  • stucco exterior
  • earthy exterior
  • zen exterior
  • fancy exterior
  • fairy-tale exterior
  • garden exterior
  • melon exterior
  • kiddie exterior (also in neon and pastel)
  • sweets exterior
  • exotic exterior
  • elegant exterior
  • modern wood exterior
  • lovely exterior

Doors Edit

  • basic door (comes in brown, yellow, blue, green, and pink)
  • fish door (comes in red, yellow, blue, green, and pink)
  • classic door (comes in brown, yellow, blue, white, and pink)
  • cabin door (also in yellow, pink, white, and purple)
  • ultramod door (comes in yellow, brown, blue, gray, and purple)
  • studded door (comes in yellow, green, blue, white, and purple)
  • shutter door (comes in yellow, pink, green, white, and purple)
  • paneled door (also in red, yellow, white, and pink)
  • modern door (also in blue, green, white, and purple)
  • bamboo door (comes in red, brown, yellow, green, and white)
  • lovely door (also in yellow, white, purple, and blue)
  • metal door (also in white, red, brown, and yellow)
  • zen door (also in red, yellow, white, and gray)
  • fairy-tale door (comes in blue, pink, yellow, purple, and green)
  • steel door (comes in brown, red, purple, and gray)
  • shanty door
  • sturdy door (also in brown, gray, yellow, and blue)
  • kiddie door (also in green and pastel)
  • modern wood door
  • imperial door
  • sweets door

Fences Edit

  • rope fence
  • picket fence 
  • pipe fence
  • corral fence
  • country fence
  • log fence
  • barbed-wire fence
  • green fence
  • curvy fence
  • blue fence and pink fence
  • lattice fence
  • fancy fence
  • concrete fence
  • hedge and sculpted hedge
  • cinder-block wall
  • gray brick fence
  • red brick fence
  • bamboo fence
  • ivy fence
  • imperial fence
  • shanty fence
  • zen fence
  • sweets fence
  • fairy-tale fence

Plants Edit

  • pink azalea
  • blue hydrangea
  • shrubs
  • small tree
  • tree
  • small cedar
  • cedar
  • small palm tree
  • fruit-free palm tree
  • apple tree
  • orange tree
  • peach tree
  • cherry tree
  • pear tree
  • tree stump

Flowers Edit

  • tulips (red, white, yellow, and orange)
  • pansies (white, yellow, and red)
  • cosmos (white and yellow)
  • roses (red, white, and yellow)
  • red carnations
  • lilies (white and yellow)
  • violets (purple, white, and yellow)
  • clovers
  • dandelions
  • dandelion puffs

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