Caroline Card
In my daydreams, I'm a cowgirl living on a ranch.

Client's vision

A rustic ranch house.

Provided items

ranch table, ranch chair

Amiibo Card


Caroline is a normal vermillion-hued squirrel.

Birthday: July 15th (Cancer).

"New brooms sweep clean."


  • ranch bed
  • cabin bed
  • cabin low table
  • ranch tea table
  • cabin table
  • ranch table
  • ranch chair
  • cabin chair
  • rocking chair
  • ranch armchair
  • cabin armchair
  • cabin couch
  • ranch couch
  • ranch wardrobe
  • cabin wardrobe
  • cabin dresser
  • ranch dresser
  • ranch bookcase
  • cabin bookcase
  • ranch hutch
  • cabin clock
  • Caroline's pic
  • ranch wall rack
  • cabin wall clock
  • cuckoo clock
  • ranch rug


  • Wandering


  • gelato tee
  • pastel-stripe tee
  • pastel-stripe dress
  • denim skirt
  • colorful sneakers
  • beach umbrella

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