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Booker is a brown and white dog who works as a policeman. He's very hesitant and forgetful. This contrasts strongly with his confident partner, Copper.

Birthday: April 23rd (Taurus).


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  • "A lot of folks think Copper is the perfect officer, but I know he's had his share of flubs. Once, when he forgot that it was daylight saving time, he kept writing up folks for being late. I finally had to write him up for writing up so many folks. He, uh, doesn't like talking about it...."
  • "I've had my share of mess-ups while on the force. Once I mixed up my nightstick and my hot dog. That was once of the worst lunches I ever ate. But the hot dog did help stop a sausage crime later that day."
  • "I feel much safer when I'm inside my home with the doors locked. What? You think I'm scared of something? I'm, uh... No, I'm not. Not that much... I just prefer my privacy is all. Yeah... privacy..."
  • "My home is my safe place. It's so safe that I've even hidden the key from myself. If you find it anywhere, could you, uh, let me know...?"
  • "I prefer to stay inside my house here whenever possible. Some folks would call me a shut-in. I like to look at is as being cautious. The world out there is full of a lot of, uh, weird stuff. I guess... You just can't tell. Best not to risk it if you can help it."
  • "I have a bad habit of forgetting vital information when, uh, I need to remember it. It's not as helpful when you're a police officer as you'd think..."
  • "A while ago I buried my badge out here in the yard for safekeeping. But, uh, I forgot where... If you come across a small, badge-shaped object in the yard, could you, um, let me know?"
  • "Sometimes, when I'm in my yard, folks, uh, run up to me and tell me there's an emergency. That's why I don't like spending too much time in my yard..."

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