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Blanca is a white faceless cat. She is an infamous prankster.

Birthday: February 8th (Aquarius).


  • Blanca's pic


  • K.K. Ragtime


  • "What's the first thing you see in my room? Is it any of the hundreds of traps I have hidden all around? Suffice it to say, there's a high chance everything in my room is rigged to prank on a hair trigger. It might be best if you came back while wearing a raincoat, a helmet, and some snake repellent."
  • "Want to know a really simple prank for making folks think they're in an earthquake? OK, listen to this! First off, you're going to need a hydraulic drill to bore into the foundation of your house and - What? You don't have access to a hydraulic drill? What kind of a prankster are you?"
  • "I find that the best prank is usually the simplest. Switching names with someone in class is a good fallback. Tacks on the teacher's chair? Nah, that's tacky, if you'll excuse the pun. Frog in the desk, though - now that's classic comedy!"
  • "Want to know something sneaky about my home? It's rigged with the biggest prank of them all! I'm waiting for the absolute best time to spring it. If the timing isn't perfect, then it will be wasted. What? I can't tell you what it is! That'd ruin the surprise!"
  • "I feel like I should give you some sound trickster advice. Ready for this? Prank Rule 1: Don't be cruel. Very important. Otherwise you could find yourself in a vicious prank war. Prank Rule 2: Prank any and all who require a pranking. Don't ever discriminate with who gets goofed! Prank Rule 3: Laugh. If you aren't laughing, then it wasn't worth it!"
  • "Does my room give you any good ideas for quick gags? Here's one! Go into someone's room, and turn every piece of furniture ever so slightly. Most folks won't suspect, but they'll feel "off" all day and won't be able to explain why. Perfect!"
  • "Sometimes I use my yard as a test subject for future pranks. It's all for the sake of science! Prank science! I came up with one joke that uses a pair of beach balls painted to look like eyeballs. Actually, get 10 pairs! When someone comes out in the morning, 10 pairs of beach-ball eyes will be looking at them! Hah!"
  • "I love my yard, even if it is lacking a good prank. Yards just beg for some whimsical hijinks. Here's a simple one for you: go get some plastic silverware and stick it faceup in someone's yard! Bonus points if you arrange the silverware into appealing patterns. Pranking really is an art!"


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