Big Top
Big Top Card
Superheroes have super appetites, so I want to feed them well. Let's get cookin'!

Client's vision

A superhero cafeteria.

Provided items

salad bar, kitchen refrigerator, curry plate

Amiibo Card


Big Top is a lazy gray elephant wearing a green superhero uniform. The superhero squad consists of the red hero, Kid Cat, the blue hero, Agent S, the green hero, Big Top, the pink hero, Rocket, and finally, the new yellow hero, Filly.

Birthday: October 3rd (Libra).

"A big nose never spoiled a handsome face."


  • kitchen refrigerator
  • salad bar
  • curry plate
  • Big Top's pic


  • K.K. Blues


  • cavalier shirt
  • green zap suit
  • No. 3 shirt
  • green zap pants
  • cavalier hat
  • green zap helmet
  • purple imp hood
  • green umbrella

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