Image Name Custom Unlocked by
Common bed
common bedGoldie
Minimalist bed
minimalist bedLopez, Whitney, Antonio
Green bed
green bedGoldie, Eloise
Blue bed
blue bedJeremiah, Kody
Ranch bed
ranch bedCaroline, Maple
Cabin bed
cabin bedCaroline, Papi
modern wood bedGoldie
alpine bedWillow, Gloria
Polka-dot bed
polka-dot bedApple, Chrissy, Francine
mermaid bed×Marina, Peggy
Harvest bed
harvest bed×Mallary, Gigi
Pave bed
Pavé bed×Portia
Kiddie bed
kiddie bedStitches, Doc
tatami bed×Hotel, Greta, Gaston
sloppy bedHarry, Hugh
Hospital bed
hospital bed×Hospital, Gaston
exam table *×Hospital, Ricky, Peewee
modern hospital bed *×Hospital, Gaston
operating table×Hospital, Tabby, Gaston
stretcher×Hospital, Gaston
astro bedLopez, Mira
bunk bed×Bam, Francine, Timmy, Tommy
Classic bed
classic bedHotel, Blaire, Friga, Soleil, Gabi, Pecan
Cabana bed
cabana bedHotel, Cole, Pekoe
Regal bed
regal bedHotel, Pecan, Friga, Celia, Whitney, Pancetti
Exotic bed
exotic bedCousteau, Pekoe
stripe bedLopez, Pippy
Modern bed
modern bedDotty, Roscoe, Queenie
sleek bedKyle, Roscoe
Lovely bed
lovely beddefault
Gracie bed
Gracie bed×Frobert, Gloria
Princess bed
princess bed×Hotel, Cookie, Rhonda
rococo bedHotel, Zell, Pashmina, Muffy
Gorgeous bed
gorgeous bed×Colton, Olaf, Tiffany, Rhonda
strollerCarrie, Marcie
Baby bed
baby bed×Carrie, Marcie
folded futonHotel, Rizzo, Chow, Greta

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