Beardo Card
I'd be ever so happy if only I could sip my tea in a lovingly landscaped garden.

Client's vision

A cultivated garden.

Provided items

fancy tea set

Amiibo Card



Beardo is a smug blue bear with a fashionable mustache and sideburns.

Birthday: September 27th (Libra).

"Ladies first!"

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • ivy wall
  • arched brick floor


  • fancy tea set
  • afternoon-tea set
  • hammock
  • picnic table
  • lawn mower
  • bird feeder
  • birdhouse
  • birdbath
  • Mr. Flamingo
  • Mrs. Flamingo
  • iron garden chair
  • iron garden bench
  • garden table
  • iron garden table
  • round topiary
  • square topiary
  • bug zapper
  • Beardo's pic


  • K.K. Bossa


  • detective outfit
  • bat umbrella

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