I'm wild for animal prints, so I want to open a little shop to sell clothes like that.

Client's vision

An animal-print showcase.

Provided items

leopard tee, tiger tee, sewing machine

Amiibo Card


Bangle is a peppy brown tiger with yellow stripes.

Birthday: August 27th (Virgo).

"Don't blink or you'll miss it."

Wallpaper & Flooring Edit

  • paw-print wall

Furniture Edit

  • sewing machine
  • old sewing machine
  • cash tray
  • loom
  • Bangle's pic
  • leopard print rug
  • giraffe print rug
  • tiger print rug

Music Edit

  • DJ K.K.

Clothing Edit

  • tiger tee
  • zebra tee
  • leopard tee
  • cow tee
  • giraffe tee
  • pop bloom tee
  • tiger jacket
  • leopard skirt
  • cow pants
  • tiger pants
  • zebra pants
  • leopard pants
  • giraffe pants
  • cow bone
  • leopard pumps
  • leopard umbrella

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