Client's vision

A zen restaurant.

Provided items

screen, ceramic hot pot, sushi platter

Amiibo Card


Annalisa is a normal anteater. She's mostly white, but has black down her back and through her tail and red paws.

Birthday: February 6th (Aquarius).

"Home is where the heart is."


  • small bamboo
  • bamboo tree
  • bamboo stumps

Wallpaper & Flooring Edit

  • exotic wall
  • tearoom wall
  • gold screen wall
  • garden wall

Furniture Edit

  • floor seat
  • kaiseki meal
  • ceramic hot pot
  • blowfish sashimi
  • sushi platter
  • zen bench
  • zen streetlight
  • paper lantern
  • blossom lantern
  • zen screen
  • daimyo's tray
  • tokonoma
  • screen
  • Annalisa's pic
  • paper wall lamp
  • rock garden rug


  • King K.K.

Clothing Edit

  • dazed tee
  • kimono
  • geisha wig

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