Anchovy Card
Have you ever seen a head shaped like this? It means I need to open a hat store!

Client's vision

A brand-new hat shop.

Provided items

red cap, green knit hat, badge hat

Amiibo Card


Anchovy is a lazy brown bird.

Birthday: March 4th (Pisces).

"Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow."

Wallpaper & FlooringEdit

  • parquet floor


  • fedora chair
  • Anchovy's pic


  • K.K. Country


  • earthy knit shirt
  • green cap
  • 1-Up cap
  • red cap
  • yellow cap
  • purple cap
  • light-blue cap
  • star cap
  • green knit hat
  • orange knit hat
  • pink knit hat
  • purple knit hat
  • badge hat
  • stripe knit cap
  • red pom-pom hat
  • big bro's hat
  • li'l bro's hat
  • Wario hat
  • yellow umbrella

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