Agent S
Agent S Card
As a superhero, I really need to keep up with my strength training at home!

Client's vision

A superhero training area.

Provided items

blue corner, speed bag, shower

Amiibo Card


Agent S is a peppy gray squirrel with a white tail. She is dressed in a blue superhero uniform. The superhero squad consists of the red hero, Kid Cat, the blue hero, Agent S, the green hero, Big Top, the pink hero, Rocket, and finally, the new yellow hero, Filly.

Birthday: July 2nd (Cancer).

"You gotta put the pedal to the metal!"


  • shower
  • mug
  • milk carton
  • water cooler
  • blue corner
  • speed bag
  • two lamp
  • Agent S's pic


  • Go K.K. Rider


  • military uniform
  • blue-zap suit
  • No. 2 shirt
  • military pants
  • blue-zap pants
  • blue-zap helmet
  • zap boots

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